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Meet one of Haley's Heroes 

Introducing Autumn Marie Solesbee

It’s the eve of the Cactus Tour Championship at Longbow Golf Club in AZ and I want to stop and share a special story you will likely all come to know very quickly in the golf world. I’ve realized that my voice can be one for change in the world where bullying will no longer be tolerated. But also my hashtag of #DreamBelieveAchieve can be one that inspires kids from all different backgrounds and situations to achieve their own greatness by believing in themselves. 


I’d like for you to meet Autumn Marie Solesbee. Autumn is an always happy 8 year old girl that was in foster care until about a year ago. Perhaps by some miracle, Donnie and Jamie Solesbee had just finished their licensing requirements to adopt through the foster care system just at the time that Autumn needed a forever home. They fell in love with Autumn from the first time they all met in October of 2019 and they began visiting with her every weekend. This eventually progressed to Autumn moving in with them full time on the day before Thanksgiving in 2019! What a special Thanksgiving filled with love and thankfulness!






A few months later, Autumn would officially become Autumn Solesbee when the adoption was finalized!


During one of their initial weekend visits, Donnie and Jamie wanted Autumn to meet her soon to be Grandpa and a nearby Top Golf was a great place to make that happen. Autumn tried golf for the very first time in her life and she loved it. When it was time to leave, Autumn wanted to keep hitting balls.


Here is Autumn on her first day ever holding a golf club:




Then, shortly after officially moving into her new home, the family decided to watch "The Short Game" on Netflix. She loved watching all of the golfers compete but was especially inspired by Alexa Pano who quickly became her favorite golfer. She was hooked and wanted all things golf, especially if it had to do with US Kids Golf! She has become very involved with the US Kids Golf programs and events! What is really amazing to me is Autumn’s golf swing after less than a year of being in the game. This is her now. Is this as close to perfect as perfect is?





Autumn played in her local US Kids Golf tour and in November was awarded the local Season Long Championship for 8-9 year old girls! Her first trophy in her life! Her school notebook says it all!


Autumn? I hear you set a goal of playing in the US Kids Golf World Championships before you had even played your first 9 holes? I believe that will happen for you!


Autumn its my pleasure to make you one of Haley’s Heroes. You are certainly a Hero to me! You already are an inspiration to millions of kids seeking direction and purpose and I know you have found yours. I truly believe the golf world will know your name for many years to come. It’s my sincere pleasure to have come to meet you Autumn! Now go out and win them all and inspire others!


#DreamBelieveAchieve #TheFamilyThat GolfsTogetherStaysTogether


P.S. Autumn? This is my favorite photo!

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