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Inaugural Fore Youth Pro-Am Successful In Raising Funds For The Haley Moore & SCPGA Foundations

May 10th, 2021 | Pauma valley Country Club

The Inaugural Fore Youth Pro-Am presented by The Shiley Foundation and Mark & Teresa King raised over $60,000 to benefit the Southern California PGA Foundation and The Haley Moore Foundation this week at Pauma Valley Country Club.

Betty Potalivo, SCPGA Foundation Board Member and member at Pauma Valley Country Club, was instrumental in creating the vision of the ForeYouth Pro-Am.  Through her execution, persistence and hard work, she successfully established the philanthropic relationship between Southern California PGA Foundation, the Haley Moore Foundation, and Pauma Valley Country Club.

As a child, Haley Moore participated in Southern California PGA Foundation programs, which along with her parents and coaches, helped form her passion for the game of golf.  Haley is respected and admired by her fellow members and the management team at Pauma Valley Country Club.  Her inspiration and spirit drove the successful outcome that was achieved, as all three organizations were committed to engaging their constituents in support of the Fore Youth Pro-Am.

Hosted Monday, May 10th, the Pro-Am brought together professionals and amateurs from some of the top clubs in Southern California to achieve one goal – to raise money to support and empower local youth through the SCPGA Foundation’s ClubsForeYouth® program and the Haley Moore Foundation’s anti-bullying programming.

After announcing a surprise donation to both foundations during the awards ceremony, title sponsor Darlene Shiley of The Shiley Foundation said, “When you get an opportunity to step up, you have to step up! I’m very pleased with this event and the work that the Southern California PGA does with kids that wouldn’t ordinarily have an opportunity.  Whether it’s through golf or anything, when you work with kids directly it always works.”

Mark King, title sponsor and current SCPGA Foundation Board Member, made generous contributions to the event and said, “I’m fortunate to be an outside director for the Southern California PGA Board and it has really been the thrill of my life. The Fore Youth Pro-Am is a really amazing opportunity for both the SCPGA Foundation and Haley Moore Foundation to raise some money for some really good causes.”

Haley Moore Foundation’s mission is to utilize her platform as an LPGA Tour golfer to raise awareness that anyone can achieve any goal they place before themselves. When asked about the event, Haley Moore said, “I created the Haley Moore Foundation because growing up as a kid I was bullied, and I have used golf as a motivation to give back, and this event serves as a way to help achieve my foundation’s goals.”

Southern California PGA Foundation’s mission is to provide all those who might benefit, especially youth from all communities, with opportunities to acquire sustainable life skills and values obtained through the game of golf.  In 2017, the Southern California PGA created ClubsForeYouth ® to provide local student-athletes with adequate resources needed to experience important recreational opportunities at high schools throughout Southern California.  Since inception, the SCPGA Foundation has contributed 700 sets of brand new golf equipment to 100 high schools in lower income areas.

Special thanks to the all of the supporters of this event: Darlene Shiley & The Shiley Foundation, Mark & Teresa King, Pauma Valley Country Club, Betty & Ken Potalivo, Roberta Bowman & Family, Janice & Kent Heyl, Ted Johnson & Family, Pacific Coast Commercial, Friends of Golf, Sue & Bud Suse, Rhonda & Bill Simmons, Sowell Management, Lydia & Bill Jacobs, Susan Grayson, Tammy & Mike Esparza, Rhonda & Larry Curtis, Carol & Rich Fontane, Anne & David Mudgett, Susie & Russell Leatherby, Jamie Mulligan, PGA, and Europa Village Winery.

For more information on the SCPGA Foundation and Haley Moore Foundation, please visit and, respectively.




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